The little girl spent the night in Sunshine Hospital. Credit: 7NEWS

Trick or Treating Scare as 3 Year Old Girl Swallows Mystery Pill

The distraught mother of a three-year-old girl who accidentally swallowed a pill in Bacchus Marsh says she thought her daughter was going to die.

Abbey Robe was trick or treating with her three siblings and her mother on Hallets Way in Bacchus Marsh on Thursday night when she fell behind.

As her mum Tara ran ahead to catch up with another child, she heard Abbey cough and went back to find the ‘lollies’ she had eaten from a ziplock bag were pill-shaped with writing on it.

Abbey is believed to have swallowed Seroquel medication, which is used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar.

“I thought she was going to die,” mum Tara Robe said.

“They were pills and I didn’t know what. It could have been nasty.”

The mum of four called an ambulance and said her daughter started declining rapidly when it arrived.

“When she went into the ambulance. That’s when I couldn’t wake her up,” Robe said.

Abbey spent the night at Sunshine Hospital and was discharged on Friday afternoon.


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