Two trucks Collide on Western Fwy Near Hallets Way

The aftermath of a horror truck crash at Bacchus Marsh, where a B-double burst into flames, has been caught on camera.

Images show large flames and smoke plumes billowing from the crash site near Hallets Way, which shut down city-bound lanes of the Western Fwy, about 7.40am.

One driver was reportedly thrown from his cabin on impact of the crash, before the truck burst into flames.

Fire on the Western Fwy at Bacchus Marsh. Picture: Mattheus Nube.
Fire crews extinguish the truck fire on the Western Fwy at Bacchus Marsh. Picture: Mattheus Nube.

Channel 7 cameraman Bryce Holloway was travelling 1km behind the trucks before they crashed.

“I didn’t see the incident, but over the hill I could see a big plume of smoke, I thought this is interesting,” he told 3AW.

“I mounted the rise and yeah, it was just carnage. Imagine a bomb going off, it’s like that. There’s debris everywhere.”

He suffered serious head injuries. The other driver is believed to have escaped without serious injury.

When Mr Holloway arrived at the scene he saw one driver getting out of his truck and the other truck on fire several metres down the road.

A witness described the scene as ‘carnage’. Picture: Nicole Garmston

Road workers in the area reportedly ran to the crash site and used fire extinguishers to protect the injured man from the flames.

Traffic is being diverted through Bacchus Marsh via Bacchus Marsh Rd.

Ambulance Victoria said the truck driver was treated for head injuries at the scene and was flown to The Alfred hospital in a critical condition.

Mr Holloway said road works in the area meant the freeway lanes were narrowed by a concrete divider.

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