Copper Telephone Cutoff – The Facts

There is a lot of concern and misinformation doing the rounds in Bacchus Marsh at the moment regarding the status of all NBN enabled homes and businesses. As most people in Bacchus Marsh know, we were one of the first districts to be connected the ‘real’ NBN – Fibre to the Home (FTTH) back in February 2013.

One of the conditions placed upon districts that receive FTTH NBN is that the existing copper network that has previously carried all phone calls and internet traffic will be decommissioned. In effect, it will be ‘turned off’. Why does this need to happen? Let’s use the analogy of a huge water distribution system – a system of reservoirs, catchments and pipes. Everyone needs the water, but the condition of the water system is old and needs replacing. So there is big upgrade process and all the pipes and distribution parts are fully upgraded. So now everyone is still receiving water, but they are receiving it faster and more efficiently. You cant have a few people still using the ‘old’ pipes, because they have been removed.

And so it is with the FTTH NBN – now that the ‘pipes’ are fully installed for all central Bacchus Marsh, the old system must be switched off. This new system of Fibre ‘pipe’ will now deliver all the things we used to have – phone calls, faxes, emails, internet etc., but much better and faster. But you MUST move to this new system of ‘pipes’ even if you don’t use the internet for instance and only make phone calls.

So the reality is:

Copper cutoff begins on October 5th

This means that if you have been previously advised that the NBN is available for your home or business and you have yet to book an NBN plan with a supplier, you WILL BE CUT OFF from the phone network and any internet and fax services that are connected to it.


  • You have signed up with an NBN provider, even if the service hasn’t started for you yet
  • If your abode has been labelled ‘Ready for Service’ by NBN but they have to make some more technical adjustments before you can receive the NBN
  • If you have a medical alarm and you have registered your alarm with NBN Co – even if you haven’t received the NBN service yet

If you haven’t registered for an NBN service as yet and you have been advised that the NBN is available PLEASE REGISTER A SERVICE IMMEDIATELY.

Here are some recommended carriers/ISP’s to call:
iinet NBN – 13 19 17
Telstra NBN – 1800 993 728
Internode NBN – 1300 626 669

If you haven’t registered your Medical Alarm yet please call NBN Co immediately on 1800 687 626

Two final things to note re the copper cutoff

1. The cutoff will happen gradually as Telstra Wholesale starts to cutoff premises street by street.

2. Those premises cutoff will have a 20 day period of receiving a ‘soft dial tone’ where they can still make emergency calls but no other calls.

Please contact us if we can help you in any way with information of advice.



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